SHOT Show Expedition Multigun

So a couple years ago I picked up (very) casual competitive shooting to support my husband and as a way to spend time with him. Sean does the same thing with me a swing dancing. Both of us like to do the preferred recreational activity of the other, but we love each other; and that is where the magic happens.

Last summer I started shooting 2-gun after I had a rifle built. Vortex Optics was generous enough to supply me with an awesome Strike Eagle 1-8x variable power scope, and before I knew it I was shooing UML 2-gun matches along side my husband as he forged ahead with his 3-gun addiction.

I have to say, I really prefer shooting multi-gun formats over USPSA style pistol. It is more versatile, and the people seem to be more relaxed. (Just my outsider opinion).

About a month before SHOT Show started Sean casually told me we were signed up to shoot two matches directly after the convention was over. My excitement turned to panic as it was December and neither of us had been out shooting or training. (Winter weather in Utah tends to put a damper on those activities).

Sean just said, “Don’t worry, it’s just a laid back match that nobody is taking seriously.” Then he proceeded to tell me all the big names of industry people and top competitive shooters that would be there. I know he was trying to calm me down, but he successfully did the opposite!

No matter though, after  a couple weeks of post-Christmas dry fire I felt (adequately) ready to take on the match. I can’t say that knowing I had a competition at the tail end of SHOT Show helped me stay calm in any way though. I think I could have enjoyed the convention a lot more without that lingering thought.

Regardless, I had a great time, and finished strong in my division. The match was well run (because that is how Pete Rensing of United Shooting Sports Leagues runs everything), and I got to shoot with friends. It was a fantastic way to end the week.


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