Elite Tactical Systems Mag Loaders

With my growing addiction to the shooting sports, I’ve come across some things that I prefer to do differently than when I was just shooting (much more) casually to support my husband.

  1. I no longer like him to touch my stuff. That’s right I need to know where all my guns, ammo, belt, and optics are. Where I preferred him to help keep things orderly and set up “just for me” I now don’t want to have to wonder if anything I compete with has been tinkered (tampered?) with. If my pistol is dirty and malfunctions, it is my own doing.
  2. I want to load my own magazines. I don’t want anyone else to choose ammo for me or “top off” my magazines between stages at matches. I need to know exactly what is going on in order to be 100% confident in my gear and where it is at. This is more of a mental game thing than a gear thing. This is where a new piece of my very own equipment comes into play.

I’ve started using some new magazine loaders from Elite Tactical Systems that (should) make it easier for me to keep my magazines topped off at the range and at matches. Their slogan kinda says it all, “Less time loading, more time shooting.”

Take a look at my little review video of their 9mm mag loaders.

ETS also makes rifle magazine loaders and MP5 loaders. So I’m curious to try those, but with the pistol loaders; so far so good!

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